Guest Blog: Wakeboarding & Paddleboarding - Good for the soul - Outdoor adventures to look forward to!

With lockdown really beginning to bite and the novelty of Joe Wicks wearing thin (we have very limited space in our house to be throwing our spiderman webs), the reality of being stuck indoors was really starting to have a profound effect on my teenager. Izzy was spending far too much time indoors doing schoolwork, on her phone and other electrical devices.  

 A slight chink in lockdown rules and fabulous timing on my Facebook page from Action Watersports got me thinking what a fab form of exercise, and in much needed outdoor air and a dose of vitamin D watersports would be for us all we booked. 

My 14-year-old Izzy, after a little persuasion, decided wakeboarding was her thing, and we have it ago! 

A teenager who is Wakeboarding, so I’ve now learnt, requires listening skills, good core muscles, determination and stamina. 

Even with those attributes in short supply, Izzy was skimming across the water on a wakeboard on her 1st attempt, putting her dryland training into practice and absolutely loving it.  Being outside (after weeks as a vampire) the sense of achievement of getting up the first time (a fluke I’m sure) and mastering a new sport, really did put a smile on her face. She loved it so much, I can see this becoming a new hobbysomething I’m over the moon about and actively going to encourage.  

What was even better, my eldest daughter and I were able to go stand-up paddleboarding. If you’ve never done this before, it actually takes some practice and skill, the instructors called it paddleboarding as you can sit, kneel or stand-up on the board. We find kneeling was the preferred start method and once mastered, spending an hour on an absolutely stunning lake with only the birds, gentle breeze and rustle of trees and the occasional splash to interrupt your thoughts was totally blissful and highly recommended. 

While there, we noticed the aqua park is sitting pride of place at the top of the lake and I honestly can’t think of a better PE lesson  - 50 minutes in the open air, running, laughing, teamwork and most of all it is fantastically good fun. On enquiring we were told a single household can have exclusive hire of it, Di from Action Watersports, said that will change with the current guidelines. We booked it for the following week, can’t wait.  

After 7 weeks of being stuck inside, it was taking a toll on all our health, both mentally and physicallyIt is amazing how good the 30 minutes’ walk twice a day to and from school, as well as constant walking around school in between lessons is for our children.   
The activities at Action Watersports did us the world of good in every way. No bickering, just two hours of support, cheering each other on and plenty of good for the soul belly laughs, we will definitely be back and wholeheartedly recommend it for everyone. 

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