Keeping the animals safe at the British Wildlife Centre during lockdown

Spring and early summer are arguably the most wonderful times of the year here at the British Wildlife Centre. The trees and shrubs have burst into leaf, providing a beautiful green backdrop to our wonderful collection of native wild species, including rarely seen animals such as red squirrels, pine martens, otter and Scottish wildcats, to name a few. It is always an exciting time for us as the patter of tiny paws and claws become evident when newly born kits, cubs, chicks and calves appear on the scene.

Usually, at this time of year, the Centre is buzzing with excited school groups, photographers and, when we’re open to the public (at weekends and school holidays), wildlife lovers who pour through the gates eager to share our passion for Britain’s wildlife. Sadly, with the Covid-19 lock-down, it’s all very quiet. In the 25-year history of the Centre, this is the biggest challenge we’ve faced, but during this worrying time, we’ve received some wonderful messages of support and donations from our followers which has given us a real boost. We are deeply touched by the generosity of donors that have helped us to keep the animals fed during lock-down.

The feeding and care of our animals is, of course, our top priority. Many of our staff are furloughed but we have retained a small team made up of Head Keeper, Matt, and keepers Izzy and Tom. They are working so very hard to ensure that all our animal residents continue to live in the high style to which they’ve become accustomed! They’ve done us proud and the animals are thriving as always.

This is a busy time of year with more landscaping to keep on top of, as well looking out for the new season’s young ones. Our first baby deer has appeared in the deer park recently; a beautiful, if a bit wobbly, red deer calf who’s getting used to standing on long legs. We’ve welcomed two litters of perky polecat kits, and our tawny owls have hatched chicks which are just balls of fluff at this stage, but they grow up fast! We’re hoping for more new-borns later this season

In addition to his many other duties, Head Keeper Matt has been keeping followers up to date with daily Facebook and Instagram posts providing news and wonderful photos and film footage of our beautiful animals. He’ll be posting more baby news in the next few weeks. Keep up to date by following us at:

We are hoping to open later this summer, with appropriate safety measures in place of course. We’re so keen to open our gates once again. We miss our visitors very much and are looking forward to welcoming you back.

Take care and I wish you good health.
David Mills
Founder & Owner, British Wildlife Centre
near Lingfield, Surrey



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